Prime minister Modi visits tamil Nadu again! Laying the foundation stone for public meeting in Ambai tomorrow!

Prime minister Modi, who has visited tamil Nadu for the 7th time due to the upcoming elections, has been informed that he is coming back to tamil Nadu for the eighth time.

PM Modi to visit tamil Nadu again on april 15

Prime minister Modi, who has come to tamil Nadu for the 7th time ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections, is reportedly coming back to tamil Nadu for the eighth time. Polling for the lok sabha elections will be held in tamil Nadu on april 19. With only a week left for the campaign, political parties are busy campaigning. prime minister Modi also frequently visits tamil Nadu, so the political field is heated. prime minister Modi, who arrived in chennai yesterday (Tuesday) evening on a two-day visit, traveled 2 km. He met bjp workers at the Far Road show and mobilized support for bjp candidates. He continued to address public meetings in Vellore and coimbatore today.

In this case, it has been reported that prime minister Modi will come again to tamil Nadu's Nellai district. The bjp election campaign public meeting is going to be held at Agasthiyapuram of Ambai assembly Constituency on the 15th at 3 pm. It seems that the foundation stone of the pavilion for this meeting is to be laid on thursday (April 11) at 6 am. Earlier, A.C. Shanmugam, leader of the bjp alliance candidate in Vellore, collected votes in support of the bjp alliance candidates contesting in 5 constituencies including Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri. Later, BJP's coimbatore candidate annamalai and Nilgiri candidate L. He campaigned in support of Murugan.

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