Kadapa district is unique in the politics of Andhra Pradesh. The entire YS family in this district is the Veda. It can be said that this district has been a stronghold for Ys family members ever since Rajasekhar reddy took the leadership. This time the calculations are changing in kadapa district. sharmila is contesting as an mp after a rebellion started from the YS family. Besides, efforts are being made to oust jagan anyway. Will there be any effect of YS sharmila in kadapa district? Will Jagan's mania be reduced? If we go to the matter..

  jagan is rushing into the campaign without wasting a minute. At this time, Chelli sharmila made a special impact on kadapa district. Besides, Sunita is also supporting her. In this way, the ycp cadre was alerted by the wind blowing against him from Jagan's family. It seems that Jagan's wife Bharti will be brought into the field. Sharmila's bus yatra has started in Pulivendu where jagan is contesting and is rushing. Criticizing the ruling YCP. At the same time, jagan, who won close to one lakh majority from pulivendula in the last election, is determined to achieve more this time. But with Sharmila's entry, Bharti became alert when it seemed likely to decrease a bit.

It seems that she is going to start campaigning in Pulivendulu soon. In any case, Jagan's husband is expected to cross the majority of 1 lakh, and avinash Reddy is expected to win by bringing more majority than before. That is why plans are being prepared for house-to-house campaign. It seems that the supporting team is also getting ready. kadapa district has become a hot topic in the state after this news came out. Political analysts who came to know about this matter are saying that sharmila effect is happening in kadapa and that is why jagan has become alert.

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