Kurnool District: Dismissal of gunmen for those two..?

YCP Govt. fired gunmen for tdp leader Kappatralla Bujjamma and Ramachandra Naidu. Two plus one for Kappatralla Bujjamma and one plus one for Ramachandra Naidu have been arranged as gunmen in YCP. The Bujjamma faction has expressed concern that chief minister Jaganmon reddy has removed the gunmen due to the Bujjamma couple joining the tdp recently. Her relatives want to protect Buzzamma's family staying in Faction village.

Meanwhile, in june 2023, TDP's former ZPTC Kappatralla Bojjamma (Susheelamma) couple joined YSRCP. In the presence of cm Jaganmohan reddy, Sushilamma at the camp office in Tadepalli. Her husband, Devanakonda's former mp Ramachandra Naidu joined the YSRCP. jagan warmly invited them to the party by covering them with a scarf.

Recently Kappatralla Bojamma and Ramachandra Naidu left ycp and rejoined TDP. In Hyderabad, Chandrababu invited them into the party by covering them with scarves. All of them who were strong leaders in the Aluru constituency went back to their homes. Kappatralla Bojjamma and D. Ramachandra Naidu said that they are very happy to come back to TDP.

After the assassination of the late leader Kappatralla Venkatappa Naidu, Bojjamma entered politics as his political successor. During the previous tdp government, Aspari worked at ZPTC, and her husband Ramachandra Naidu was Devanakonda's MP. After that, kotla sujathamma joined TDP. Bojjamma couple left tdp on june 19, 2023, and joined YCP.

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