Nothing stops. jagan jail. Pawan's sensational comments.

Janasena chief pawan kalyan has warned that jagan will go to jail after the elections. jagan (YS Jagan)'s life is swinging between jail and bail. It is confirmed that ycp will be backed up. Jagan's days are near. Who will stop the alliance of TDP, Janasena, and bjp from forming the government? 40 lakh construction workers went on strike in Jagan's state. By obstructing JP Ventures, mithun Reddy, Peddireddy and Sajjalamutha formed and looted the sand reaches. This is not a border of strife.. a border of love. As sweet as coconut water is, jagan came to Konaseema and tried to make it a border of strife.

In the future also, it should be a place of love, not a place of strife, not a place of fighting. It was a time when 127 bc castes including Shettibalijas, Malas, Madigas, kshatriya community, Vanabalisas, fishermen, and Christians had to interact with each other. If I come I will be scolded by my caste leader. Criticized by bc and sc leaders. Our Chandrababu is a leader who ran politics for decades, fell, put on his shirt, and went forward again without any fear if Chandrababu's cart was touched with claymoremine. If Uddanam's problem was brought to his attention, he would solve it within four hours. TDP, Jana Sena, and bjp have allied with Triveni Sangam to save five crore people of AP. At least we could not set up a coconut board for the two and a half lakh hectares of coconut plantations in Konaseema. Although there is a coconut research center in Ambajipet, we have not been able to set up desirable industries with cutting-edge knowledge on the lines of kerala and tamil Nadu.

Konaseema farmers announced a crop holiday. nda will wipe away the tears of the farmer to prevent this kind of plight. I won't earn crores of rupees if I do films. Today every cross-section of people is flagging at me. I am giving up everything and working for the future of the people. With the help of the wise Chandrababu, the youth will stay in their area and get employment. Our government takes responsibility to ensure that the law order is strong.

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