Let's trample those who are obstructing: Nara Bhuvaneshwari…

TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu's wife nara bhuvaneshwari slammed the ruling ycp at the closing meeting of 'Nijam Gelawali' held in tiruvuru town of krishna district. nara bhuvaneshwari said, "Let's move forward riding a bicycle. Let's trample those who obstruct us." nara bhuvaneshwari said that Chandrababu worked for the development of andhra pradesh and he always wanted the people to be the people. She flagged that vizag has been made the capital of Ganja. They blamed the ycp leaders for making people addicted to adulterated liquor and destroying the family system. "People are more important to Chandrababu than our family. People's government should come. Jagan's anarchic government should be overthrown. bhuvaneshwari commented that every family needs a father as much as the state needs Chandrababu.

“I will never forget the date of september 9, 2023. That day was our wedding day. He was arrested on illegal charges," said Bhuvaneshwari. nara bhuvaneshwari recalled that Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao brought many welfare schemes for the poor people. He mentioned that Chandrababu worked with the same spirit and set up Anna canteens for the poor people. She said that it is this monster government that has beaten the stomach of the poor people. With the help of donors, the canteens were set up and taken forward. "YCP filled their pockets with the money given in the name of the schemes," he expressed anger.

Chandrababu's vision is the IT sector. That's why many young people are getting established in the IT sector and earning money. After the coming of the ycp government, anarchy was committed against the rice donors. A policeman kicked a baby girl while she was pregnant and the baby died. This demonic ycp government does not respect you woman. If it was built to listen and solve people's problems through a public platform, it was destroyed. polavaram would have been completed already if Chandrababu was in power. The state would not have had this drought situation. I know how much trouble Chandrababu has put in for the development of our state," said Nara Bhuvaneshwari.

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