TDP's aim is rural development…

Dr. Nooka Ugranarasimhareddy said that rural development is the aim of TDP. On Sunday, 50 families belonging to Metupalli pancha yati of the mandal left ycp and joined tdp in the presence of Ugra. He said that he would complete the construction of the bridge in gannavaram Panchayat after coming to power. tdp leaders Swamala Kashireddy, Muthireddy, Venkata Subba reddy, Gavadakatla Hari, Im Drabhupal reddy, Chilakala Venkateswarlu, and others participated in the program.

MP Magenta Srinivasula reddy said that Jaganmohan reddy has turned the state into a flying kite. On Sunday, mp Magunta participated in the Sankharavam program of elections in Guravajipet of the mandal. Alliance candidate Dr. Ugranarasimha reddy organized a bike rally. A large number of ranks, leaders, and activists participated in the huge bike rally that started from Ballipalli road in the mandal to Chi Guruvajipet village. mp Magenta and Dr. Ugra were greeted by the people of the village with flowers at every step. The villagers of Guravajipet welcomed Dr. Ugra and mp Magunta with cheers and the party ranks showered them with garlands of flowers. Nageswara Rao, Magunta Raghava reddy, Dodda Venkata Subba reddy, Picchala Srinivasulureddy, Narapareddy (Yada Valli) Srinivasulureddy, Ugra Tanaudu Jayasimha reddy and others participated in the program.

The party leaders said that the villages were prosperous when the telugu desam party was in power. Babu Surety-Future Winter Guarantee program was organized in Vengalapuram and Bhattupalli villages of the mandal on Sunday. Pamphlets explaining the Super Six schemes were distributed door to door. Later, he said that the tdp, Janasena, and bjp coalition government would come to power in the upcoming elections. Manandari said that if the villages are to develop in all aspects, it is the responsibility of chandrababu naidu to win as chief minister and Ugra narasimha reddy as kanigiri MLA. Puvvadi Nagaraju, Vijay, Veerapaneni Peddanna, Panigottu Venkatarao, Panigottu Ravindra, Mulaka Nageswa Ra Rao, and others participated in the program.

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