TDP election campaign in Kunchepally…

Alliance candidates are campaigning vigorously in Markapuram's New Constituency. mla candidate Kandula Narayana reddy, Ongolu mp Candidate Tanaidu Raghavareddy, and janasena Kanigiri in-charge Warikuti Nagaraju started the campaign from Kunchepalli village in the mandal. In that village, Varikuntla Anil and Kanthamma were welcomed by the villagers.

After that, they toured SC, bc Colony and Unnaguravayapalem villages along with the village. On this occasion, Narayana reddy said that he has been in public life for 22 years. He reminded me that he had developed the towns of Markapuram and Podili within his scope. He said that no matter how many ups and downs he faced for the development of the constituency, he fought for the people. He said that he had seen defeat three times in the past and wanted people to recognize his services this time.

In the villages, they were asked to cast their support in the form of votes. Magunta Raghava reddy asked his father Magunta Srini Vasulureddy and assembly candidate Narayana reddy to win the Mata du Tu Ongolu parliament seat with the highest majority. Balarami reddy and Badam ravi participated in the program. 30 ycp activists and leaders from Sallur village in the mandal joined the tdp in the presence of Kandula Narayana reddy and Raghavar reddy on Saturday. They joined the party under the leadership of former Uppalapadu sarpanch Ulava Gopi and cluster in-charge Katuri Srinivasulu.

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