Lalu to campaign in saran for daughter rohini Acharya...

Lalu prasad Yadav, the leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), was scheduled to arrive in Saran, Bihar, on Wednesday. rohini Acharya, his daughter, is running for the lok sabha against Rajiv Pratap Rudy, a four-time member of the bharatiya janata party (BJP). The opponents should be alarmed by Yadav's mere presence in Saran, where he is set to meet with RJD party workers, according to RJD mp Sunil Kumar Singh. "He attracts large crowds, and the people recognize one of their own in him, who offered them respect and a voice. He will engage with partygoers all the way up to the booth level, according to Singh. 

Acharya, according to Singh, would write history. He continued by saying that despite this being her first election, she has demonstrated political maturity. This time, saran is in a different attitude. It appears that rohini intends to exact revenge on Rudy for her mother Rabri Devi's 2014 fall as chief minister. Yadav's visit to Saran, he continued, might turn the fight into a one-sided victory for Acharya. Yadav was supposed to open an RJD office on wednesday night, but he left for saran with acharya and his wife Rabri Devi. He will stay at the guest home located in the office.

Yadav has refrained from campaigning thus far due to health concerns. He defeated Rudy to win the saran seat in 2009. Rabri Devi was defeated by Rudy in 2014 since Yadav was unable to fight because of his sentence. In 2019, Rudy held onto the seat. According to Rudy, he competed against Rabri Devi and Yadav rather than Acharya. He stated, "People would never like to return to the dark days that the Lalu era symbolized. saran has come a long way." Rudy has insisted that his battle in saran is an opposition to Yadav's philosophy. Even after I lost, I stayed in my seat. I live here because I am a local. saran is not even Lalu Prasad's stronghold, and he is not a native either, he declared. The doctor who gave her father a kidney donation, acharya, has been written off by Rudy as an outsider.

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