Is his spouse Vasundhara wealthier than Balakrishna?

Movie hero and Hindupura mla Nandamuri balakrishna has filed his nomination for the Hindupura assembly seat for the third time. balayya, who won consecutively from Hindupur in 2014 and 2019 elections, is contesting from there for the third time with the aim of hat-trick. balakrishna is confident that he will win for the third time from Hindupur, which is a stronghold of the telugu Desam Party. Along with his wife Vasundhara, balakrishna filed his nomination at the hindupuram Arvo office on Friday. He handed over the nomination papers to the Returning Officer along with Vasundhara in the Arvo office. The program was attended by TDP, BJP and Jana Sena ranks in large numbers.

On the other hand, balakrishna, who submitted the election affidavit while filing the nomination, has submitted the details of his assets and debts. According to the details disclosed by Nandamuri balakrishna in the election affidavit, the value of his (Nandamuri Balakrishna) assets is 81 crores 63 lakhs. Balakrishna's wife Nandamuri Vasundhra's property value is 140 crores 38 lakhs 83 thousand. Balayya's son Mokshagna (Nandamuri Mokshagna Teja) property value is shown as 58 crores 63 lakhs 66 thousand. Balakrishna stated in his affidavit that he has a debt of 9 crore 9 lakh 22 thousand. In the name of his wife Vasundhara, he has a debt of 3 crore 83 lakh 98 thousand.

Nandamuri balakrishna, who spoke to the media after filing the nomination, expressed confidence that victory in the next election is his. He said that he is moving forward with the inspiration of his father NTR's ambition. He said that even though the telugu desam party was not in power, drinking water in hindupuram had been freed from problems and reminded that CC roads had been laid in the villages of the constituency. Also, balakrishna explained that even though the ycp government removed such canteens, meals were provided for 400 people a day in Hindupuram. balakrishna said that the Nandamuri family is a special favorite of the people of Hindupuram. He thanked them for winning him twice in a row. He asked to be blessed for the third time as well.

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