Israel attack on Iran: Who has the stockpile of weapons?

Israel retaliated for the attack by attacking iran with missiles. israel opened fire on friday morning, firing missiles one after the other. israel hasn't accepted accountability for this, though. Tensions between the two nations are rising as a result of this incident. A lot of nations are also debating among themselves whether iran and israel will engage in aerial combat. Even in the unlikely event that this occurs, The Times of israel has published an article detailing the quantity of weapons that each nation possesses and who is better than whom.

Only a few dozen strike planes, including Russian and older American versions captured prior to the Iranian Revolution in 1979, are reportedly in the possession of the Iranian air Force. Nine F-4 and F-5 fighter planes, one squadron of Su-24 jets built in russia, plus a few MiG-29, F7, and F-14 aircraft are all stationed in Tehran.

Iran possesses about 3,500 missiles. Iran has drones that can fly and explode when they hit their targets. iran has thousands of drones in its arsenal. Over 3,500 missiles, some of which are equipped with half-tons of warheads, are able to strike targets on the surface. There are allegedly not many missiles among them that can reach Israel. iran got long-range surface-to-air missile systems, or S-300 anti-aircraft systems, from russia in 2016. It is capable of hitting several targets at once, such as ballistic missiles and airplanes.

Israel has a robust air defense system. israel now has hundreds of F-15, F-16, and F-35 jet fighter aircraft, thanks in large part to assistance from the United States. israel has an extremely effective air defense system. He had effortlessly taken out 350 Iranian missiles and drones. The Heron autonomous aircraft, manufactured in israel, can fly for over thirty hours. Although israel does not admit this, it has also developed missiles that are capable of hitting long-range surface-to-surface targets. The Arrow-3 system, owned by israel, is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles in orbit. Additionally, Arrow-2 operates at low altitude. Additionally, experts think that Israel's air defense system operated effectively. Before Iran's drone could reach it, israel shot it down.

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