Sri Bharat, the son of Nandamuri Balakrishna, is a prominent figure in both politics and the film industry. He is the grandson of MVVS Murthy, a two-time mp from Visakhapatnam, and made his first attempt at the mp seat in 2019. Despite having everything in his favour, he lost the chance due to a massive split in votes caused by the Jana Sena. 

JD Lakshminarayana from the janasena party, belonging to a strong social class, led to the vote split. Now, ycp has taken measures by simultaneously granting the mp ticket to Botsa jhansi, who also hails from the same social group. jhansi, a native of Visakhapatnam, is also highly educated and has served as an mp for two terms. She belongs to the Kapu social class, and being a woman adds another layer of significance to her candidacy.

The visakha MP seat has been going to non-locals for almost forty years, causing dissatisfaction among the locals. This dissatisfaction caught the attention of the ycp, leading to their decision. Previously, there has been no record of contesting from major parties, even from the strong Kapu social class, that led to a victory. Kommuru Appalaswamy became the mp for Visakhapatnam almost four and a half decades ago, winning in 1980 on behalf of the Congress. He is also a leader of the Kapu community. 

However, he did not win again. This is considered an advantage for YCP. Additionally, BCs, SCs, STs, and minorities are also within the ambit of the visakha MP seat, making it a form of social engineering for them. Moreover, there are people from social groups who are displeased with the TDP's choice. It is clear that the tdp, which previously awarded the visakha MP ticket to Murthy while he was alive, has now given it to his grandson. 

Granting the ticket to the lowest kamma community in visakha does not understand the aspirations of the strong social groups. Questions are also being raised as to why tickets are not being given to Bhumiputras and uttarandhra residents. Out of the four assembly seats in Visakhapatnam, at least two seats are likely to go to the YCP. It is said that the tdp will not secure all four seats in 2019. 

Party leaders predict a fierce contest in Gajuwaka, Bhimili, and Visakhapatnam, with the ycp securing the majority in S Kota. According to this calculation, it is certain that the ycp will win the visakha MP seat. On the other hand, there is a debate over whether Mr Bharat can face Botsa jhansi as a strong candidate in terms of political experience. Only time will tell what will happen in the upcoming elections.

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