The process of nominations is going on in AP. Due to this, many leaders are also making nominations.. At a time like this, the property rights of a woman candidate contesting from the janasena party are now becoming a hot topic. Lokam madhavi who got Nellimarla ticket is not someone else. As part of the alliance, she was given a ticket and suddenly her name came out. But everyone is surprised to see her assets at the time of nomination.

Lokam madhavi is the candidate of Nellimarla janasena party of vizianagaram district.. It is worth telling about her in full that it is worth mentioning that her assets are more than most of the leaders. In particular, Lokam Madhavi, a highly educated woman, also worked abroad and founded a company called Miracle software along with her husband Prasad. Their entire family seems to be in America.

It is reported that these companies are also in Andhra Pradesh. Lokam madhavi has earned well with her companies. tdp ycp has millionaires in Andhra. But many leaders are also surprised to see Lokam Madhavi's range as a leader with more assets than all of them, especially as a woman leader. But ycp leaders are saying that she is an NRI. Although ycp sitting mla Bandukonda Appalanaidu says that if she wins as part of the campaign, she will be available to everyone.

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