It is known that the name of ycp Rebel mp Raghurama Krishnam Raju (RRR) has been a hot topic in the state of andhra pradesh since last few years. rrr, who has been contesting as an mla on behalf of tdp since Undi, revealed interesting things in an interview. He says that there is no demand for mla seat in ap for mp seat. rrr said that my tongue is my blessing and my tongue is my curse.
He made comments that bjp did not give me narasapuram mp ticket as per the wish of ap cm YS Jagan. rrr said that there are no permanent enemies and permanent friends in politics. Raghurama Krishnamraju said that I have had unexpected experiences in politics in the last two months but I have enjoyed those experiences. He commented that my inner soul is telling me, don't get so excited, Ray.
It is noteworthy that rrr revealed that the seat has been confirmed for me recently that there is no truth in the ongoing campaign that he will become the speaker if the alliance wins. He said that Chandrababu is a good ruler and there will be no need to speak negatively about Chandrababu in future. rrr said that jagan was a boy before me and I have respect for Chandrababu as he is older than me.
He revealed that I have become a symbol of anti-Jagan. He commented that the alliance will get 125 seats. Responding to the question of what would be the situation if ycp wins in ap, if jagan becomes cm again, rrr said that the assumption that there will be no people in the state is terrible and that there is no chance of him coming to the assembly because jagan will not be in AP. He revealed that jagan becoming cm will not happen. It is noteworthy that Raghurama Krishnamraju's comments mean that there is a chance of targeting jagan if the alliance comes to power.

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