BJP is in trouble and even RJD's path is not easy…

As far as the bjp is concerned in bihar, although elections have been held on only four seats and not much can be said in that regard, but if we look at the trends of these seats, the bjp is in trouble. There is neither any leader in bihar bjp who is accepted by the entire bihar nor is there any leader with a young or revolutionary image who is a symbol of reform or change. There are no leaders who are known for the work done in their area. When an attempt was made through an RTI to find out the condition of villages adopted by MPs, there is no village in the whole of india that has been adopted by any mp and 40 percent of work has not been done there.

In bihar, this percentage comes down to 12 to 20 percent. Now if you go here to ask for votes, it becomes difficult to defend yourself. This is true for every mp of Bihar. Hence, public apathy is visible. In a viral video, it is seen that former chief minister Jitan ram Manjhi is going to campaign in his area, but people are sitting there playing cards and do not even turn their backs. This shows the apathy of the public. Similarly, other MPs are also being surrounded. The public is now demanding accounts.

RJD is also not in a very good position though. Tejashwi Yadav had claimed that just as his father stopped Advani's chariot, he will start stopping Modi's Vijayrath from bihar itself, that claim is still very early, but yes, the competition is tough. It must be understood that it is very close. It will be difficult to make any prediction based on only four seats, but still, it is understood that the problem for bjp is Tejashwi's advantage. It remains to be seen how much caste equations have worked in this silent election, how committed voters have been to their party, and how many new votes have been added.

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