Once upon a time women were confined to the kitchen. But with the increase in technology, women are also excelling in all fields without the discrimination of men and women. Especially since last few years we have been seeing women making their debut in politics. One such woman leader who is known as a fire brand among politicians is Dharmavarapu Kottam Aruna alias DK Aruna. Her family has a completely political background. All are politicians in mother's house..there are politicians in mother-in-law too. DK Aruna's father lost his life in Naxalite firing while he was an MLA. Besides, Aruna's husband Bharata Simhareddy and Bhava samarasimhareddy are the people who represented Gadwala. In the same way, DK Aruna is also excelling in politics. This time she stood in the parliament from BJP. This Jejamma, this time the flag will be raised on palamuru and Gadwala fort. Let's see how her political background went.
  DK Aruna grew up watching politics from childhood. His father Chittam Narsireddy lost his life in firing by Naxalites while he was still an MLA. In this way, DK Aruna, who learned politics from her father, also has a political background in Mettinint, and is taking on the politics of her husband and brother-in-law and is jumping into new politics. DK Aruna first won from Kolhapur in 2002 as ZPTC. After that DK Aruna who was active in active politics hoped for congress ticket in 2004. But as part of the alliance with BRS they refused the ticket.

  There were reports that Jaipal reddy, the then senior leader, prevented her from getting a ticket. The disappointed Jejamma Samajwadi party entered the ring and won a great victory defeating the leaders like Jaipal Reddy. DK Aruna fell in the eyes of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. After that in 2009 she was finalized the ticket of congress party. Received huge success and took charge as a minister. There are many senior leaders like Jaipal reddy, chinna Reddy and Jupalli krishna Rao in the district, but it overthrew all of them and rushed forward with its own political strategies. At one point even these leaders became silent as they could not tolerate her political tactics.

  DK Aruna contested for telugu Desam for the first time in 1996 from mahbubnagar parliament and was defeated by the then senior leader Mallikarjun. After that, she joined the congress in 1999 and contested on behalf of the Gadwal Legislative assembly seat and was badly defeated by the tdp leader Gattu Bheemudu. However, persistent DK Aruna contested for the Samajwadi party in 2004 after not getting a congress ticket and won a landslide victory. At this time, Gattu Bhima, who was the strongest candidate at that time, was defeated in the elections. And in 2007, she again raised the congress flag through Rajasekhar reddy, and in 2014, she hoisted the congress flag in Gadwala constituency. She won with a majority of eight thousand votes over the then trs candidate Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy. In this way, DK Aruna, who entered the assembly three times from palamuru district, became very close to the people. In 2019, she expected an mp ticket from the congress, but as the congress did not respond, she covered herself with a saffron scarf and was later elected as the national vice-president of the BJP. As such, she has provided the bjp Lok Sabha ticket in the current general elections. This time she is making a strong effort to raise her flag on Gadwala fort to step into parliament somehow.

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