TDP party president chandrababu naidu has been contesting from kuppam constituency for the past few years. While contesting from kuppam constituency in this election too, there is a lot of talk that Chandrababu is facing trouble in his constituency. In his 40 years of politics, Chandrababu is working hard to win mla this time. The ycp party is moving ahead with various plans with the aim of defeating Chandrababu in the race.

If you look at it from the past, every time Chandrababu's majority is decreasing. Chandrababu kuppam, who claims to have many years of political experience, is being heard saying that Chandrababu kuppam, who has been an mla for a decade, has not changed his destiny. This is becoming the curse of Chandrababu's rule. In the past, ysr congress party won the kuppam municipality.. Especially in the MPTC ZPTC elections, the tdp could not protect its reputation in the kuppam constituency where tdp candidates are present.

YSR party has realized that if Chandrababu is defeated this time, the tdp party will fall and they are making serious efforts in the same. With this, there are reports that Chandrababu is also going to campaign for a bit of fear. In the past, Chandrababu's nomination papers were also exchanged with each other..but now the whole scene has changed. His wife Bhuvaneshwari also campaigned for Chandrababu's victory in Kuppam. After all, the main reason for Chandrababu's confusion in Kumpa is that there is a strong headwind. As a last resort, Chandrababu is carrying the slogan that this is the last time Chandrababu will stand up from the heap, where the local leaders are also working to inform the people about this. And we have to see if Chandrababu will try hard this time with his intelligence.

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