Pattikonda ycp Candidate Kangati Sreedevi's Plus & Minus..!?

-Kangati Sreedevi's name changed in ap politics.
-Sreedevi entered politics under unexpected circumstances.
-Opposition against Sreedevi increased due to the agitations by her followers.

It is known that pattikonda Constituency in kurnool District was Kanchukota for tdp until a few years ago. If the tdp flag has flown in pattikonda five times in a row, it is easy to understand the level of influence of telugu Desam in this constituency. But in the 2019 elections, TDP's strongholds were broken due to Jagan's wave. Kangati Sreedevi, who contested on behalf of ycp in the 2019 elections, won against tdp candidate KE Shyambabu with a majority of 43 thousand. When the results of the 2019 elections were released, Kangati Sridevi's name changed in ap politics. After the murder of her husband Cherukulapadu Narayana Reddy, Sreedevi entered politics under unexpected circumstances. The sentiment of her husband's death combined with ycp Hawa and she won as MLA. sridevi, who has recently filed her nomination, has commented that the victory is mine again in the pattikonda constituency.
 While KE Shyambabu is contesting in this election also on behalf of tdp, it has been revealed in the surveys that the results will be in favor of ycp in Pattikonda. But in the last five years, some opposition to Sreedevi has increased among the people of Patikonda constituency. Opposition against sridevi increased due to the agitations by her followers and she was in the news through many controversies. There are allegations that MLA's relatives are dominating the mandals of the constituency. The comments express that it would be better if Sreedevi corrects the small mistakes and moves forward. Even in the surveys conducted by ycp, the results were not favorable for Sreedevi, but jagan once again gave her the ticket. It seems that even if Sreedevi wins this election, there are chances that the majority will decrease. While KE Shyambabu and Sreedevi are campaigning as rivals, it remains to be seen which candidate will get the results on june 4.

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