TDP mp candidate Dr Byreddy Sabari recently addressed a rally, making it clear to everyone that she filed her nomination for the nandyala parliamentary constituency on Monday. She led a huge rally from her election office in the town to the Collectorate.
 Speaking under the surface bridge of Nuneypalle, she addressed tdp leaders and workers. Sabari emphasized that the honour of giving notices to the authorities, stating that farmers cannot be provided with irrigation water, should go to this one nandyala mp and MLA. During the event, Joshyam highlighted that along with the families of Katasani and Shilpa, Gangula and buggana are also expected to lose badly in this election.

He stressed that the development of nandyala has been stagnant over the last five years, and there is a pressing need for change. Sabari used this platform to assure people that if she wins, nandyala will be placed in a higher position.  Participating in the rally were nandyala tdp mla NMD Farooq, Jana Sena leaders Irigela Rampulla reddy, tdp State Secretary Tulsi reddy, Sabari's husband Sivacharan reddy, and bjp leaders Meda muralidhar and Cherukucherla Raghuramaiah.

Dr. Byreddy Sabari, daughter of former mla Baireddy Rajasekhar reddy, President of Special rayalaseema Rashtra Sadhana Samiti, is continuing as the district president of the nandyala district BJP. father Byreddy Rajasekhar reddy is also in the bjp party. The Byreddy family enjoys a good reputation in Seema, and that's why they have gained political prominence in the combined kurnool district. It is in this context that Sabari was fielded from the tdp for the nandyala Lok Sabha constituency.

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