2024 is just the front, real fight will take place in 2026!!!

Most of the election analysts are watching the lok sabha elections by dividing them into two parts. One is the states in which bjp got a strong victory in 2019 and 2014. Secondly, those states in which BJP's performance was not remarkable even in the last two lok sabha elections. We can say that in the first type of state, the bjp is in the role of defender, that is, it has to create its seats. In the second type of state, the bjp is in the role of challenger, that is, it is challenging other parties. In most of the states of the hindi heartland, the bjp is in the role of defender, whereas in other states of South india except Karnataka, bjp is in the role of challenger.

BJP stakes in the south

Even among these southern states, tamil Nadu was the most talked about this time, where the first phase of voting took place on april 19. The results of tamil Nadu elections will be known on june 4, but take a look at the way bjp campaigned in the state. This shows how the bjp and especially PM narendra modi started preparations for elections in a state much before the elections. S Gurumurthy, a scholar and editor of Tughlaq magazine who knows bjp closely, gave an interesting view in a recent interview.

In the year 2018, when PM narendra modi visited Chennai, slogans of 'Go Back Modi' were raised and trended on social media. According to Gurumurthy, PM Modi took seriously the challenge of those who trended 'Go Back, Modi'. From that time onwards, he decided to intervene decisively in the politics of tamil Nadu. If we look at the events from april 2018 to april 2024, Gurumurthy's words seem to be valid. Started sending messages that create emotional connect.

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