After the elections in andhra pradesh state, it seems that the results are completely positive for YCP. cm jagan also made a recent social media post. He expressed hope that ycp will come back to power and provide good governance to the people. However, after the election, there are reports that there are favorable conditions for avinash Reddy in the kadapa Parliament. It seems that Sharmila's political career has been checked.
No matter how many accusations sharmila and Sunitha made against avinash Reddy, people did not pay much attention to her comments, it is heard in the political circles. It is noteworthy that comments are being expressed that the decisions taken by avinash Reddy for the development of kadapa in the last five years will win him as mp again. It seems Sharmila's biggest mistake was competing against Avinash.
Bhogatta also felt that kadapa voters have focused on ap politics because sharmila did not get the expected results in telangana politics. It is reported that Sharmila's plans to continue in politics for another 20 or 25 years after winning as kadapa mp have been checked. Comments are heard that there is no chance of Avinash's victory due to Jagan's support.
On the other hand, it seems that jagan strongly believes that 2019 will repeat the magic. Bhogatta feels that sympathy votes will also be a plus for us. It is heard from his close friends that jagan said that more than 150 seats will come back to YCP. There is no need to doubt that it will be a sensation if ycp wins more than 150 seats in the state. It is noteworthy that favorable conditions in seema districts are favorable for YCP.

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