How will India's economy be affected?

The average monsoon rainfall in india in the months of June-September is 87 cm. But this year the average monsoon rainfall is expected to be 106 cm. This means that this year india may receive 19% more rainfall than normal. Monsoon rains are very important for India. Above-normal rainfall could have a positive impact on India's economy, as almost half of agriculture depends on monsoon rains. Good rains will increase crop production and reduce food prices. This will enable people to purchase more and will also boost economic development.

Economics professor Sarathi acharya said while talking to ABP News, that if there is more rainfall in india, then there will definitely be growth in the agriculture sector. The water level will also increase because in some areas the water level has gone down considerably. But india is such a big country, hence where it rains more also matters. However, one thing is that wherever there is more rain, the Rabi crop becomes good.

When will the monsoon hit?

The Meteorological Department estimates that the southwest monsoon will arrive around May 19. Monsoon rains are expected in the South andaman Sea, parts of the Bay of bengal and Nicobar Islands. There is a possibility of a heat wave once again in North-West india from May 16. There may be rain, lightning and strong winds in South india till May 18. In the coming seven days, light to moderate rain may start at isolated places in tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Mahe, Karnataka, Konkan and Goa. There is also a possibility of thunder, lightning and strong winds.

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