Chandrababu vs. jagan @ 2024 In ap, only two, two parties, fierce fight between them. The answer is simple as to who has power in AP

There is a fierce battle between two parties and two parties in AP. ap politics with them. The answer is simple as to who has power in AP. But if not jagan, then Babu. The three-way battle that took place in telangana six months ag. people will choose one of these two.
Even so, it was a close fight in AP. And Chandrababu jagan, both of them have strengths. There are also weaknesses. If we take Chandrababu first, he has the support of the upper classes and the strong sections. All those who are physically fit are fully supporting Babu.
Also, there are sections that believe that amaravati will be built as a capital, and ap will be shown a step direction. And Viveka's murder case has become a weapon for him to use against YCP. Also Jagan's own sister sharmila coming out of ycp gave more strength. Not only that, the Land Titling Act became his diamond weapon. If we look at the polling pattern, it seems that all the urban voters voted for the alliance. Those who say there is no development and the roads are not good say that they have voted for the alliance. But it is also heard that the amaravati slogan did not work as expected. They also say that the manifesto given by the alliance was not very attractive to the people. They say that Jagan's anti-voters and opposition to the government worked for the alliance.

In this case, if we look at jagan, he distributed two lakh crore seventy five thousand rupees cash directly to the beneficiary's account. All this went directly to the account of the beneficiaries without any discrimination or corruption. This is a good point. It is known that jagan distributed his government schemes through volunteers by appointing volunteers to every fifty families. But they say that nothing was said about the secretariat system brought by jagan in the cadre campaign. If you look at the ground level, they say that the panchayat raj system has been weakened and even the sarpanchs of their own party have not worked anywhere. Apart from all this, it is said that the rural voters strongly want jagan to win. At the same time, they say that there are doubts about whether Chandrababu will give schemes if he comes to power.

If analyzed like this, there are plus points between the two. Also there are minus points. They say that who will win is an endless debate. If you look at ap, there is a divided background not only politically but also in terms of social class. There is also a policy that some castes belong to one party and some castes belong to another party. In the same way, this time the division of women and men is also seen in voting. This is also a picture. Earlier, women used to vote for only one party at home, as men said. They used to listen to the owner of the house. But not so this time. Votes are going to different parties from the same family. There is also a talk that if men give more to tdp, women choose ycp, they say youth is Jana Sena.

It is said that these groups have appeared more in the polling pattern as well. Similarly, the campaign is going on that the drug lords have voted more for the alliance this time. Neutrals, new voters, as well as NRIs from other areas are also said to be torn between tdp and YCP. As a whole, the politics of ap has been divided. Hora Hori fight went on. They say that only the EVM machines have to say who is the CM. Even the most experienced political analysts say that they cannot answer this. So we have to wait till june 4.

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