Will Pawan become the cm in the next five years...this is the logic!? Now in ap, the fight is raging. Surveys and predictions are saying that no one will get a huge majority.

Everyone is expecting 2024 as the election where janasena chief Pawan Kalyan's politics will flourish. Not only Pawan but also the strong social group behind him are looking at the election as a fulfillment of hopes. Now in ap, the fight is raging. Surveys and predictions are saying that no one will get a huge majority.

It is also said that whoever comes to power in ap will get one or two more seats to the magic figure and not more than that. It is said that if the tdp alliance gets a bare majority in ap and the narendra modi government gets a full majority at the Centre, ap politics will take a completely new turn.

They say that this means that the bjp will take over the politics in ap completely. It is said that TDP's absolute majority means that 88 seats are not enough for TDP's own magic figure. They say that then the real political turmoil will start. It is said that the chances of Modi ordering pawan kalyan as cm at the center are certain. It is said that there is a possibility that another Mutchta will also happen here. If the same is the case, if ycp gets 75 seats, tdp gets 75 seats, Jana Sena gets 15 seats and bjp gets four or five seats, Modi will definitely enter ap politics.

They say that he will pressurize Chandrababu to make Pawan the cm, but if that is not possible, he will make a strategy from the other side to convince jagan to make Pawan the CM. Magic figure in ap requires 88 seats. They say that if tdp ycp is standing a little away from it, even if Modi calls jagan Chandrababu and convinces him, he will give Pawan a chance to become CM. If these two leaders do not agree to Modi's proposal, they say that the bjp leaders have the skill to put pressure on them even with the cases against them. As far as ap is concerned, bjp is trying to do its own politics. They say that he can start his game by putting Pawan in front. So far ap politics has not been able to get hold of bjp in any way.

By the time Chandrababu became cm in 2014, Kadu was strong. He was unable to move. jagan is doubly strong in 2019. It is a situation where nothing can be said. They say that if no one gets a majority this time, the chances of the center turning the wheel will be good. In fact, it is also said that bjp is a virtuoso in such matters. Maharashtra. It is said that if you look at the events that happened in the past in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, where a large number of MLAs defected, you can understand the political magic of the BJP. They say that if there is a situation where no party gets a majority in ap, bjp will definitely take it as a political advantage.

If it is not possible from the leadership of the parties, it is said that bjp has the capacity to produce Ek Nadh Shinde in the respective parties. In the past, an ap bjp leader also said that they have many Ek Nadh Shinde's in AP. On the whole, it is said that janasena leader pawan kalyan should be made cm and bjp is trying to gain a foothold in ap politics. They say that if ycp and tdp do not get full majority in ap, it will be difficult for Babu jagan to tolerate BJP's game plan. And on how Pawan will become the cm, a large scale discussion is going on in the youth wing of the Janasena. Not only that, they are announcing that Pawan is king because he gets hung in AP.

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