People's soldiers are deeply dissatisfied with the fact?

Janasainiks who were agitated before the election, became completely silent after the polling, saying that the tdp is not talking about the victory of either the janasena or the TDP. The main reason for this is that people believe that Pawan Kalyan, who contested from Pithapuram, will lose. They believe that those votes did not go to Pawan even if he joined the TDP. It is believed that all the votes of other castes fell to the ycp, except the votes of the people of one Kapu social group. Comments are also being made that Janasena party will cease to exist after July 4 . Some political analysts are making harsh comments that the janasena workers have worked hard for Pawan Kalyan , but if he loses, there is no chance of leaving them, cursing that the leader could not win even once. More than 10 years have passed since Janasena party was formed. jagan has not entered the assembly even once for so long . 

Outside, the lion swings like a tiger and gives speeches, but he is unable to show his leadership and ability to win even a single seat.  To tell the truth, Pawan is losing because of the decisions he is taking and he is unable to grow politically. For example, this time he allied himself with tdp and after alloting only 21 seats, he admitted with celebration that there is no chance of becoming cm with 21 seats. He entered politics to become CM. All the people of ap state can do good only if they are in the position of CM . 

With the same goal, Pawan became a politician and now to simply give up that dream for tdp has left many disappointed. All those who hoped to see Pawan in the chair as cm, are now very disappointed.  Pawan did not say in the election campaign that he will do good for the people. Only ycp chief jagan was seen to be able to go. They limited themselves to cursing, criticizing and making fun of Jagan . Pawan made a big mistake by not giving seats to those who have worked hard for the janasena party for ten years . On the whole, he has angered by sacrificing for the entire tdp without doing anything for himself and Jana Sena party leaders.

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