Left IT job with salary worth lakhs, got recognition after Anna movement

Delhi police has arrested Vibhav Kumar. Amidst all this, a lot of politics is being done in the name of swati Maliwal. Let us know who is swati Maliwal?

These days, swati Maliwal's name is in the headlines a lot. rajya sabha MP swati Maliwal, who is among the big leaders of AAP, has made many serious allegations against Arvind Kejriwal's PA Vibhav Kumar. Her allegation is that Vibhav assaulted her at cm Kejriwal's residence. After registering FIR regarding this incident, delhi police has arrested Vibhav Kumar. There seems to be a lot of politics going on in this entire matter. Amidst all this, a lot of politics is being done in the name of swati Maliwal. Let us know who is swati Maliwal?

Has connection with Ghaziabad, UP

Swati Maliwal was born on 15 october 1984 in Ghaziabad, UP. His father Ashok Maliwal was a senior officer in the indian Army. His mother's name is Sangeeta Maliwal. swati has told that she had to face domestic abuse at the hands of her father in her childhood. She was very worried about this during her childhood days. He completed his high school education from Amity international school and also holds a Bachelor's degree in Information technology from JSS Academy of Technical Education.

Gave up jobs worth lakhs for public service

At the age of 22, swati Maliwal said goodbye to her IT job with a salary of lakhs. The motive behind leaving the job was to work for the slum children suffering from poverty. This was the reason why he resigned from the job of a company like 'HCL'. After that, she started working with many organizations for the poor and rural people.

'Activism' started from Anna Hazare's movement

Then came the year 2011 when Anna Hazare laid the foundation of anti-corruption movement in Delhi. swati was one of the young members of this movement. She continued to participate actively in this movement. Then in the year 2013, she became associated with 'Greenpeace India'. She joined AAP in the year 2014. Although she was working with arvind kejriwal since the time of the movement.

Success in political journey

In the year 2015, swati Maliwal was made the chairperson of delhi Commission for women (DCW). This was a big achievement for swati Maliwal, who was already working on women's issues, because by coming to this post she could make things better. Now she had become a part of policy making. swati Maliwal was elected rajya sabha MP in january 2024.

Personal life and faith

Swati Maliwal divorced her husband Naveen jai Hind on 19 february 2020. Regarding marriage, she has told the media that she tried a lot to save the marriage but it could not happen, but whatever happened, she has no regrets. Regarding faith, swati has great faith in the essence of Geeta. According to them, karma is supreme.

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