Rae bareli is considered a family property: PM Modi slams sonia Gandhi!

PM Modi slams sonia gandhi for considering Rae bareli constituency as family property

Sonia gandhi, the sitting mp from Raebareli constituency, a bastion of the congress party in the state of Uttar Pradesh, has been elected to the rajya sabha from the state of Rajasthan. He did not contest the upcoming lok sabha elections due to his age. Thus, after a long delay, it was announced that rahul gandhi would contest in that constituency.

Accordingly, congress president rahul gandhi is contesting in two constituencies, Raebareli in Uttar Pradesh along with wayanad in Kerala. congress workers have also been demanding that the gandhi family should contest in Raebareli constituency, rahul gandhi has found a field there.

In this situation, prime minister Modi slammed sonia gandhi saying that Rae bareli constituency is considered a family property. prime minister Modi, who participated in the election campaign meeting in Jamshedpur, jharkhand, said, "Sonia gandhi, who abandoned Raebareli, has nominated her son rahul gandhi there. He campaigned in Raebareli and said that he will hand over his son to the people of that constituency. Does he not know a single Congressman who has worked in Rae bareli for a long time?” He questioned.

PM Modi said that sonia gandhi has not visited her constituency even once after Corona, now she has gone there to collect votes for her son. He alleged that they consider the place as their family property.

Similarly, prime minister Modi slammed rahul gandhi, who is contesting two lok sabha constituencies. “Congress prince is contesting from Raebareli, Wayanad. He goes around telling everyone that this is my mother's seat. An eight-year-old child does not say it is my father's school, even if the child's father attended the same school. Members of this family write their wills for the post of Member of Parliament. jharkhand should be protected from such family parties.” prime minister Modi said.

Earlier, sonia gandhi participated in the election campaign rally held in Raebareli constituency where rahul gandhi is contesting and collected votes. He has not campaigned in any constituency before. Campaigning for the first time in Rae bareli, sonia gandhi addressed her children rahul and Priyanka. Speaking then, he said that he will entrust his son (Rahul Gandhi) to Rae bareli and he will never disappoint you.

Sonia gandhi has served as mp for Rae bareli constituency for 20 consecutive years from 2004 till now. congress MPs have won 12 times before that. In particular, former prime minister Indira gandhi has won the Rae bareli constituency and has been an mp for 3 times. It is noteworthy that Indira Gandhi's husband Feroze gandhi won the Rae bareli constituency in the first lok sabha election after the independence of the country.

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