Political instability in iran and global politics...

Political instability in iran after the sudden death of its President may cause instability in oil markets. Investors can exercise caution in business by assessing the possible impact on Iran's oil production and exports. Crude oil prices have seen a rise in early Asian trading after the crash of Raisi's helicopter. Any disruption in Iran's oil production could affect global oil supplies and prices. Because Iran is a major oil-producing country. According to experts, despite the volatility, the oil market seemed to be trading largely within a range. 

Gold prices may also be affected

Geopolitical instability also often affects the prices of safe metals like gold. In such circumstances, people consider it safe to invest and start making purchases. This leads to a rise in prices. After the crash of Raisi, gold prices have strengthened and have reached an all-time high. The news of Raisi's death can also affect the stock markets globally. Investors trade considering the potential impact on regional stability and economic policies. Due to this, fluctuations may be seen in the markets. 

How is Raisi's demise being viewed?

Raisi started working in the judiciary after the Islamic Revolution. Not only this, he had worked as a lawyer in many cities. In such a situation, Raisi's opponents will celebrate the demise of a person who was accused of mass hanging of political prisoners in the 1980s. In a BBC report, professor Mohammad Marandi of Tehran university says, "The West has been giving the narrative of Iran's disintegration for more than 40 years. But this country is still here and my guess is that it will remain here for many years to come. Professor Mohammad Marandi said that there is another post which should be filled and that is the post of Maulvi in the 'Assembly of Experts'. This is the organization that elects the supreme leader. At present, there has been much speculation regarding the election of the supreme leader in Iran. The names of many leaders are included in this race, one of them is that of the supreme leader's son Mojtaba Khamenei.

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