Many people are keen that Visakhapatnam is definitely the capital of YCP. Leaders of ycp party have stated this many times. But this time after the election, ycp party will definitely win and Jagan's swearing-in will be done at Visakhapatnam. tdp party has announced many times in the past that they have declared amaravati as their capital. But now there are reports that tdp is also getting excited about Visakha. It seems that leaders who should be in vijayawada and other leaders who should be in nellore are invading visakha for once.

Immediately after the polling, bonda uma from vijayawada also came to visakha and held a press meet and announced that we are winning. After that, the tdp leaders reached visakha in a row, minister Somireddy from nellore district, as well as Rebel mp Raghurama Krishnamraju came to visakha and spoke to the media. Looking at all these, it seems that there is a high possibility of more leaders coming to Visakhapatnam in the coming days.

Many leaders in tdp are also saying that Chandrababu should take oath as cm from Visakha. As a result, there are reports that vijayawada, which has lost its stamp as the capital of AP, is now going to shift politics to Visakhapatnam. Everyone is surprised that tdp leaders are doing this work which jagan has been doing since the beginning. telugu brothers are also saying that Visakhapatnam is sure to become a mega city in the coming days. tdp leaders doing politics around Visakhapatnam. And on june 4th, it will be known who will take oath and where.

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