In the midst of elections..India Global Forum focusing on UK-India relations..

The india Global Forum is expected to bridge UK-India relations between elections in both countries.

As both india and the UK gear up for general elections, the annual india Global Forum (IGF) in london is all set to highlight the strategic ties between the two countries. The event, to be held from june 24 to 28, will feature senior ministers, entrepreneurs and analysts who will discuss the future trajectory of bilateral relations under the newly elected governments.

IGF london aims to provide important insights and shape perspectives on the geopolitical climate, and is expected to examine the results of the indian elections to be announced on june 4.

India Global Forum's 6th annual IGF london is set to be a major agenda-setting event in 2024, taking place from june 24 to june 28 in london and Windsor. This year's forum is particularly significant, coming at a crucial moment after India's parliamentary elections and just before the UK's general election on July 4.

“Whichever governments come to power, a series of opportunities and certainly challenges await them. That is why the IGF london 2024 is set to be an important event in the calendar, serving as a key economic and geopolitical stake, providing key insights and informing the strategic direction for any new administration,” noted Manoj Ladwa, Founder and Chairman, india Global Forum. .

“IGF london will be instrumental in shaping perspectives and strategies for both the world towards india and vice versa. It will not only analyze the current geopolitical climate, but also create essential avenues for cooperation and innovation in the future. This is truly an unparalleled opportunity to set the agenda for the future,” he added.

The IGF london 2024 is said to examine the indian election results and provide insights into the implications for both global geopolitics and business. This event will serve as an important platform for assessing and guiding future UK-India relations.

The forum will also address pressing issues for the incoming UK administration, including finalizing the long-delayed India-UK Free Trade Agreement and reviewing progress on the 2030 Roadmap. IGF london will provide the world with a forum for global dialogue and collaboration that is vital in these uncertain geopolitical times.

IGF london 2024 will discuss topics ranging from technology and business to culture and commerce. More than 2000. Thought leaders, policy makers, business magnates and cultural ambassadors will participate to share insights, make connections and drive meaningful conversations through a series of engaging forums, exclusive business conversations and networking opportunities.

Main agenda:

IGF Forum at QEII Centre, Westminster (Monday 24 June)

Climate and business Forum in Central london (Tuesday 25 June)

London Stock Exchange Global Investors Forum (Tuesday 25 June)

Women's Forum at Taj Buckingham Gate (Wednesday 26 June)

IGF Studio and Conversations at the Taj Buckingham Gate (Wednesday 26 June)

Culture and Creativity Forum at Fairmont Windsor Park (Thursday 27 June)

India Global Forum

India Global Forum tells the story of contemporary india to the world. The pace of change and development india has set is an opportunity for the world. The IGF is the gateway for businesses and countries to seize that opportunity.

It will provide international organizations and policymakers with an unparalleled opportunity to interact with key stakeholders across their sectors and geographies, including world leaders, multilateral institutions, national governments, and industry experts.

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