In FIFA world cup qualifiers round 2, the referee cheated India

The india vs qatar match of FIFA world cup qualifiers round 2 has become a topic of discussion on social media. In this match, due to a wrong decision of the referee, dishonesty has happened, after which India's dream of playing the world cup has been shattered.

In FIFA world cup qualifiers round 2, the referee cheated india, see how the match was lost in the video

What happened to india in FIFA qualifiers round 2 has deeply shocked indian football lovers

The india vs qatar match in FIFA world cup qualifiers round 2 is in the headlines. The video of the match has gone viral on social media. After which the referee of the match is in the dock, there are allegations that he gave a wrong decision due to which despite playing a well-planned innings, india had to face defeat by 2-1. Let us tell you that in this match played in Doha, that one goal is being termed controversial, which was scored by a qatar player. indian football lovers have suffered a deep shock due to this defeat.

Due to dishonesty on the ground, india was out of the qualifiers and their dream of playing the world cup has been shattered.

It is worth noting that in the 73rd minute of the match, Yusuf Ayman scored a goal for Qatar. The goal is also looking controversial because on watching the video it is known that the ball was out of line. Despite this, Qatar's defender Al Hasan pulled the ball inside the line and passed it to Yusuf Ayman.

Yusuf was looking for this opportunity and without making any mistake, he scored a goal. The on-field umpire also considered it a goal, after which qatar scored 2 goals and took the lead against India.Later, there was a lot of controversy about this goal and the indian team protested a lot. Keep in mind that there is no system like video assistant referee in the qualifiers match. In such a situation, the decision of the on-field referee is final.

Now since india has suffered a major setback due to the negligence of the referee, the fans are quite disappointed. A round of criticism has started on social media. Fans are calling the referee's decision unfair and biased and are also saying that the match should be played again so that the truth can be revealed.

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