Kumari Selja's big promise before the elections…

MP from Sirsa seat of haryana, Kumari Selja has surrounded the government over the shortage of teachers in the state. She posted on her social media account 'X' that there is a shortage of 9995 PGT teachers in 2300 schools of Haryana. This is the result of the hollow promises of the bjp government that our children are being deprived of education and youth from employment. congress has always given top priority to education and will do so in the future too.

Kumari Selja further wrote that after a few months, congress government will be formed in haryana and all the vacant teacher posts will be filled so that the children of our state can have a safe future.

Demand for cbi investigation

Along with this, Kumari Selja had also raised questions about the NEET result on Thursday. She wrote in her X post that despite the entire NEET scam coming to light, the Modi government has not taken any concrete action on it. There should be a cbi investigation of this entire scam so that the truth can come out. Although this responsibility lies with the bharatiya janata party, but if they are running away from their responsibilities then the congress Party demands a cbi inquiry.

'The future of the youth of the country is dark due to corruption'

Kumari Selja further wrote in her post that the government should think about those children whose future has been ruined by the corrupt government, bjp should think about compensating their time and hard work. The future of the youth of the country has become dark due to the policies of the bjp government and the corruption happening during their tenure. Now the time has come that we all together hold this government accountable and take strict steps to secure the future of the students. The congress Party is with the students in this fight and will take every possible step to protect their rights.

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