BJP on RSS issue – let’s know the image…

The mandate that has come is not only against Modi but also against RSS and BJP. RSS has realized that this opposition is against bjp and Modi as well as RSS. bjp is a political organization of RSS. Modi has also been an RSS worker before coming into politics. After coming into power, he has worked keeping in mind the ideas of RSS.

bjp removed 370, bjp divided Jammu and Kashmir, divided the people into Hindus and Muslims, did the politics of majoritarianism, brought forward communalism, made Muslims a caste of the second category, advocated Hindutva, even though it could not make a Hindu nation, it awakened them and created the atmosphere of a Hindu nation. All these issues were of RSS itself, hence bjp is a political organization of RSS. With such statements, RSS just wants to show itself different in the eyes of the people, otherwise it is connected to bjp in every other way.

Some journalists were speculating that narendra modi will not be the PM this time, but nitin gadkari or Shivraj Singh Chauhan can be the PM in his place. After the votes were cast to choose the PM candidate, there was no meeting of the bjp Parliamentary party to choose the leader, a meeting was held with the nda and narendra modi again became the PM. After the election results, the image of the RSS has also been tarnished and now such statements are being made to save it.

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