AP Volunteers: These are the new guidelines....?

Chandrababu Naidu recently announced good news to the employees working in village and ward secretariats in Andhra Pradesh. That is, the coalition which previously voluntarily scolded them has now increased their salary by 10,000. It seems that chandrababu naidu has increased the salary of the volunteers despite the promise made in the background of the assembly elections. There are reports that it will be given in July. Recently, some people have heard on social media that these are the conditions that the tdp government is going to impose on the volunteers.

Age should be between 1994-2003 only for voluntary employment.

Volunteers are going to be given an extra five thousand rupees for their current life.

Those who get voluntary job will have to perform duties from the village level to the mandal level.

A welfare fund can also be established for each village.

There is still no clarity on depositing the pension liability to the pensioners in the bank account.

As the election Code is in effect across the country, voluntary pensions have been suspended in ap for two months.

Guidelines released by ycp Govt.

The age limit for village volunteers post is 18-35 years.

Degree in tribal areas tenth standard in rural areas intermediate in urban areas also.

They were given 5000 rupees as an honorarium.

Especially to see if you are eligible for complete information regarding Navratna schemes.

Bringing government schemes home.

Knowing the family problems within their jurisdiction and making complaints.

Especially taking things like pensions close to home.

They used to take the necessary certificates to the secretariat and apply for them. Especially they used to take care of the 50 houses allotted to them. In the case of Chandrababu Naidu's age, volunteers used to be in their 50s, but now... since they have come to the village and issued Jivo for 5 people, many of them are in a situation of being on the road again and again. It can be said that there is a possibility of trouble for tdp in the coming days.

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