Who elects the Protem Speaker..!? What are his duties..?
-Who is a protem speaker.
- Role of Protem Speaker in taking the oath of MLAs.
-The pro-tem Speaker will be discussed with the Chief Minister.

Chandrababu Naidu took oath as chief minister for the fourth time. Along with him, 24 ministers were also selected. At this moment, all the MLAs who won on behalf of the entire coalition are going to take oath in the assembly. The pro tem speaker will administer the oath of office to the newly elected members. And what is the role of the protem speaker in this? What are the methods followed in his appointment? Currently, everywhere on tv and social media, they are looking for the protem speaker. Now let's see what the details are.
 What is Protem Speaker?
 Nowhere in the Constitution of india is the word Protem Speaker. But all the candidates who are elected to the assembly have to take the oath. The governor is responsible for making them take the oath. Otherwise, a person appointed by the governor is also given the facility to conduct the oath-taking ceremony. The governor will select a person for this purpose. They are given temporary responsibilities in place of the Speaker and are called Pro-tem Speaker. The pro-tem Speaker will be discussed with the chief minister and decided with the minister of Legislative Affairs. Sometimes even the governor himself can make decisions about the Protem Speaker.

Duties of Protem Speaker:

 The Protem Speaker of the Legislature is appointed in the same manner as the Protem Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Usually, senior members are elected. But there is no requirement to select only seniors. The Parliamentary Affairs Department will draw up a list of some senior members for the Protem Speaker. After that, the governor will select one of them as Protem Speaker. In the Lok Sabha, however, the President takes this responsibility. Generally, a pro-tem speaker is appointed immediately after the election. It is their responsibility to administer the oath to the newly elected members and remain in harmony with all the members until the Speaker is elected. A pro tem speaker does not have the same powers as constitutionally constituted speakers and deputy speakers. It has to perform its rules subject to limitations. In this way, the pro-tem speaker is selected and all the members of the assembly complete the oath-taking program and the speaker and deputy speakers are selected from among them.

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