Well, well, well, hold on to your luxury sofas, folks! It seems Sukesh chandrasekhar, the 'notorious conman' with a penchant for writing dramatic letters from his comfy Tihar cell, has set his sights on the majestic Rushikonda Palace.

This opulent abode, shrouded in controversy since its clandestine construction using crores of taxpayer moolah, has become the nation's latest gossip hotspot. Thanks to some nda alliance leaders who spilled the royal beans, the palace is now the talk of every political tea party.

Picture this: chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu gets a juicy offer from none other than Sukesh chandrasekhar himself. Yes, you heard it right—the guy who's more famous for financial frolics than for his real estate savvy. Sukesh wants to snatch up the palace, but not at market price. No, no! He's generously offering a cool 20% over market value, straight from his jailhouse dreams.

In his 'letter of intent' (or should we say 'letter of intrigue'), Sukesh plays the nostalgia card, claiming vizag as his grandma's hometown and his frequent flyer miles to the city. Oh, and let's not forget his subtle reminder that he's only facing allegations, not convictions. Smooth, Sukesh, real smooth.

Now, whether this letter is legit or just another chapter in Sukesh's jailhouse saga, the media circus is having a field day. As for the government? They're keeping quiet—maybe waiting for the sequel before hitting the headlines themselves.

So there you have it, folks. Another day, another jailbird dreaming of plush palaces. Politics, eh? Always good for a laugh.

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