Those four in the ttd chairman race..!

- murali mohan and Ashwaneedhat from the film industry
- Bhanuprakash reddy in bjp quota
- mla Bolishetti from Janasena

( tirupati - Herald of india )

After the TDP-led coalition government came to AP, the matter of nominated posts became interesting. At present, the leaders of the respective parties are discussing this issue. Especially the most important post of tirumala tirupati Devasthanam Palakamandali Chairman is a hot topic no matter what the government. Especially if tdp is in power, there will be more demand for this post. It seems that there is a demand for the same now. In this order, some are getting ready to get recommendations from the higher level.

Especially four people are in the race of ttd chairman. Among them, the names of two from the film industry, one from the bjp and the other from the Jana Sena are prominent. It seems that former mp, producer and actor from the film industry, murali Mohan, has already approached Chandrababu for the post of ttd Chairman. In the past, he played a key role in the party. He also won as an mp from Rajahmundry. Then in the last election Kodalu nominated Rupadevi after her defeat.. He left politics. At present they say that they will serve god till death.

Also, it seems that Ashwaneedath, another famous producer from the film industry, is also in the same race. He is also a staunch loyalist of TDP. He contested as vijayawada mp in the past and was defeated. At present he has contributed internally to TDP. In this background, he is also in the race for this post. On the other hand, the name of Bolishetti Satyanarayana from janasena is also being heard prominently. It is known that he is giving voice to Jana Sena. Key discussions in the party. party circles say that he recently met Pawan and spoke his mind.

Also, bhanu Prakash reddy from tirupati is trying hard from BJP. It is known that he is familiar with the elders in the center and has a history of protesting and protesting that the ycp is corrupting the customs and affairs of tirumala in the past. In this context, even he has already requested the elders of the center to appoint him for the service of god this time, according to the party circles. However, bjp has not focused on this yet. It has become interesting that what kind of decision will be taken in this context. On the other hand, will Chandrababu also give a chance to allies in this matter? Or see what they will do.

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