Cricketer sam Billings is suffering from skin cancer..!?

England wicketkeeper sam Billings, who is suffering from skin cancer, is planning to raise awareness about it. The cricketer, who has played three Tests, 28 ODIs, and 37 T20Is, cautioned cricketers who spend too much time in the sun. england wicketkeeper sam Billings, who is suffering from skin cancer, plans to raise awareness about it. Taking to Twitter, he opened up about his cancer, saying that he had a reality check last October, and two surgeries to remove skin cancer from his chest. The cancer put him in a situation where he had to forget cricket for a while. Speaking to The Telegraph news agency, the 31-year-old cricketer said he underwent two surgeries last year to remove melanoma from his chest. He had a 0.6mm (deep) melanoma. The range is 0.7mm when it's really aggressive, pretty close. It's a very small problem but they can have huge consequences. It gave him the clarity to make decisions based on what he wanted to do. For many years he had cricket as his only life. In that, sometimes he only got a chance to carry drinks. He realized that cricket is not everything in life. It is very important, but to take things forward. He had to go. He felt sorry for himself. But he came out of it, he added.

He is not just talking about pro sports. This is for club cricketers, cricketers, and all those who are addicted to cricket. He played at Lord's recently, even though the sun wasn't 25 degrees. It could have been 18, but the heat can affect him, he said. They assume that using sunscreen will protect us from the direct effects of the sun. But how true is that? He wants to see everyone in cricket act together: let's protect ourselves, Billings said.

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