You can go here only on Chitra Poornami.. Do you know the history of Kannagi Temple? 

Mangaladevi Kannagi temple is located at a distance of 14 km from idukki in kerala state and about 6 km from Palyankudi village in Theni district. Chitra Porunami 2024 Mangaladevi Kannagi temple history theni kerala border Rya.Mangaladevi Kannagi temple is located at a distance of 14 km from idukki in kerala state and about 6 km from Palyankudi village in Theni district. This temple is under the control of the kerala government even though it is on the border of tamil Nadu. From Kumuli, kerala, there is a jeep route through the protected kerala Forest Path. You can reach this temple through this path. If not, you can also go to this temple by footpath for a distance of 6.6 km through the forest of tamil Nadu from Palyankudi near Kudalur in Theni district

 In this temple, every year on Chitra Poornami three major festivals namely Mangala Devi Kannagi festival and Poomari festival are held. Devotees from tamil Nadu and kerala will participate in this festival which is held with great respect. However, for many years there has been a dispute between the states of tamil Nadu and kerala as to who owns the area where this temple is located.

Chitra Poornami 2024 : When can Krivalam be said in Tiruvannamalai..? What is the optimal time history of Kannagi Temple: There are references in Silapathikaram that Kannagi, who burned madurai in mourning for Koval's murder, came here along the banks of Vaigai. It is believed that Kovalan tied a mangalnan to Kannaki at this place and took her to heaven in Pushpakaratam. cheran Senguttuvan realized this beauty and brought stone from the himalayas and built a temple for Kannagi at this place. This temple is known as Mangaladevi Kannagi Temple. Ancient sculptures of Kannagi are also present here.

Kulasekhara Pandian and Rajaraja Cholan reconstructed this temple. The temple came under the control of the Archeology Department of india in 1905 and was abandoned due to a lack of proper road facilities. Till 1965 everyone considered this temple as Mangala Devi Temple. But in the same year, professor Govindarasanar researched and discovered that this is the Kannagi temple built by cheran Senguttuvan. Later, Mangala Devi temple was declared as Kannagi temple by the tamil Nadu government in 1971.

Chitra Pournami 2024: When is Chitra Pournami 2024? What is its specialty and significance? However, despite many efforts by many governments in tamil Nadu, the road to the Kannagi temple on the border of tamil Nadu has not been constructed to date. Although the site of the temple belongs to tamil Nadu, the road to the temple belongs to Kerala. And the task of maintaining the temple belongs to kerala Archaeology. Due to this, it is said that the devotees of tamil Nadu are facing some problems in going there. Thus a large number of devotees are allowed to the Kannagi temple to witness the triple event only once a year i.e. on Chitra Poornami day.

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