Just do this, india will win the World Cup..!?


Former captain sourav ganguly has said that the indian cricket team will win the world cup in 2023. The 50 Over world cup cricket series is being held in india after 12 years. The indian team has been playing various one-day series to prepare for this series. Recently, the indian team won the series at home by comprehensively defeating sri lanka and New Zealand. Furthermore, the ICC ranked first in the One-Day international (ODI) rankings. In this situation, Ganguly said in a programme that the indian team will never be a weak team. They will never be a weak team, as they have many talented cricketers in our country. Many talented players do not find a place on the team. This time, he asked rahul dravid and rohit sharma to stick with the same lineup until the World Cup.

Once india goes to the world cup series, don't play with any old stories in mind. india should play fearless cricket in the ICC series. Play fearlessly without worrying about whether you get the trophy or not. The indian team will feature players like Shubman Gill, rohit sharma, virat kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, hardik pandya, Bumrah, and Mohammed Sami Jadeja.

He believes that india will not be a bad team because of this. virat kohli and rohit sharma are on the indian team in this world cup, and he believes that these two players will play well. Ganguly commented on being appointed as the director of the delhi team, and he will take this as one of the many responsibilities he has held. He is looking forward to working with the delhi team. When he joined the delhi team for the first time, they did well. rishabh Pant's absence has created a huge void for the delhi team. It is difficult to fill. But he is injured. Ganguly stated that they are powerless to intervene. 

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