Will there be such a problem if india loses the 5th Test?

If the indian team loses the fifth Test match against the england team, the points in the World Test championship series will be lost. cricket critics have warned that the top spot in the list will be lost. india and england are playing a five-match Test series. Four matches have been completed so far in this series. In the end, the indian team won the series 3-1. Also tops the World Test championship series points table with a win percentage of 64.58.
Currently, the Test series between new zealand and australia is going on. Those two teams are second and third in the points table. new zealand is second with a win percentage of 60% and australia is third with a win percentage of 59.09. Ads by At this stage, the two teams are going to clash in the second Test match. Whichever team wins at the end of it will surpass India's current win percentage. But if india beats england in the fifth Test, they will get an extra win percentage. india will remain at the top of the World Test championship points table regardless of the outcome of the Test match between new zealand and Australia. So, since the indian team has already won the Test series, they are saying that they should play to win the fifth Test match without any experimental effort. It is noteworthy that bumrah is back in the team in the fifth Test. With that, the indian team's bowling has become stronger.

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