Aishwarya Rai is the dubbing artist who is the voice of many heroines.

Although many actresses have played Colossi on both the silver screen and the iconic screen in general, most of the actresses are from the neighboring state. They use the voice of a dubbing artist because they do not speak tamil properly and do not have a good voice. Thus there are background vocalists. aishwarya is a popular dubbing artist who has given backing voice to many of our favorite actresses on the iconic screen in that genre.

He has been giving voice to many heroines on the small screen like Pandian Stores- Meena, Sembaruthi- Parvathi, tamil, and Saraswathi- Vasundhara, Anbe Va-Bhumika.

Apart from that, he was the voice for actress Rasmika in the tamil version of the film Geethagovindam starring Vijay Thevarakonda. Thus he has emerged as a dubbing artist on both the iconic screen and the silver screen. In this case, he had recently given an interview. In it he said, I started talking dubbing from a young age.

It was through my mother that I was introduced to this field. I stand in this field right now just because they told me to. My mother is Mrs.

Many would have known them as an actress. Looking at them in Valentine's Day movies we're all teased at a young age. He has also acted in several comedy series like Bin Madipakkam madhavan and Lollu Saba. Their carrier was also very much a struggle. In many of these memes comes the mother photo. Seeing it, many people identify and inquire about health. So, they did not get any recognition.

Now, they have gained recognition through social media. So my mom is very happy too.

Mom is having a heart problem and is not doing any work right now. Also, dubbing has become my favorite field. No matter how many serials were dubbed, it was through the red Cotton series that Terrible Reach got it. The dialogue that Maman called in that series was very viral. Since then I have started calling my uncle in several series.

Plus the artist has consistently given me credit. So during the 500th episode of the red Cotton series, Sabana gave me a gift saying she was my dubbing artist. Pandian Stars hema said my name on their youtube and gave me credit for it.

Initially, Pandian Stores was a little hard to talk to Meena. Surely, hema will speak very quickly. Compensate and talk to them. Initially, it was a little difficult. Then it became a go-to set. I spoke to Shreya in the same marriage series. There will be a lot of love scenes in that serial.

That continued gave a terrific hit. I focus on both the silver screen and the login screen. I talked about dubbing Rasmika for the film Geeta Govindam. I had spoken to Mrinalini for the same mgr son film. I would be talking about dubbing for half the film in some films. They will never call next.

The movie seen will be released. Will they lift us without saying what the reason is? It has happened in my career though. It can be very difficult to lift without saying anything. There are many things like this going on in serials as well. In other words, they called the function saying that they would give the award and insulted them without giving the award and sent everything.

I face all sorts of insults and neglect like this. As well as me and arjun the engagement is over. This is Pakka love Marriage. For two years we fought hard in our love and got consent. He had told us on august 31st that the marriage was confirmed.

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