The American software giant microsoft has extended an offer to 700–800 of its Chinese workers in its cloud computing and artificial intelligence units to relocate outside of China.
It appears that microsoft made this choice in reaction to the escalating trade disputes between the US and China. microsoft has a development center in china, despite the fact that it does not offer many services there.
Chinese citizens make up the majority of workers who are offered transfers from china to other nations. microsoft has extended an offer to its Chinese technical team to transfer to the united states, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. It is thought that this employee transfer decision may have been made for a number of reasons. The trade embargo and policy disputes between the united states and china are the main causes. The US administration, led by US President Joe Biden, has been implementing measures to limit Chinese imports of computer chips, medical supplies, and batteries for electric vehicles.

In this regard, it has permitted the relocation of its highly skilled technical personnel from china to other nations. Since Microsoft's operations will not be impacted, it is believed that this precaution will be taken to avoid any problems, even in the unlikely event that the Chinese office is forced to close due to an escalating dispute between china and the United States.

In addition, it has been claimed that the US Department of Commerce is looking at new rules to limit the export of AI models. This might potentially be the cause.

The training data and software for these AI models are typically kept under wraps. microsoft might be concerned about potential difficulties importing Chinese-developed artificial intelligence technology into the US as a result. Nonetheless, microsoft justified the move by stating that it is a component of its worldwide business operations to offer microsoft employees possibilities within the organization.



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