Elon Musk-Owned SpaceX Reveals Backpack-Sized Satellite Internet Antenna 'Starlink Mini' For $599

Starlink Mini along with the kickstand weighs only 1.13 kg which makes it around 60 per cent lighter than the company’s standard dish.

Elon Musk-owned SpaceX which is known for making rockets for NASA has recently revealed Starlink Mini. Starlink mini is a small portable satellite internet dish that can easily fit into a backpack. As per a report by TechCrunch, the company invited some of the early Starlink adopters and offered them an opportunity to purchase the Starlink mini kit for $599. This compact and portable satellite internet antenna turns out to be around $100 more expensive than the usual dish and this offer seems to be valid only to those people who have an existing subscription.

Customers who are eligible for this offer can add the mini Roam service to their existing subscription for only $30 per month.

Unfortunately, Starlink has capped the data limit at 50GB per month. In simpler words, the consumers who wish to have both services will need to pay $150 per month in total.

For now, Starlink has said that there is no standalone plan for the mini Roam but, they do aim to reduce the price of the kit hopefully. The only hindrance at the moment in the reduction of price is that “Starlink mini places additional demand on the satellite network.”

Starlink mini Is Lighter

Starlink Mini along with the kickstand weighs only 1.13 kg. This low weight makes it around 60 percent lighter than the company’s standard dish. At the moment, the maximum speed that it offers in terms of download is somewhere around 100 Mbps with a latency of around 23 ms.

The first batch of Starlink mini dishes is likely to be shipped next month. It can be a decent backup internet connection option if your existing network is down for any reason whatsoever.

SpaceX initiated the launch of Starlink satellites back in 2019 and from then to now, it has launched above 6,000 satellites that are orbiting the Earth. More than three million people are using these services and it is currently available in 100 countries.

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