Many book enthusiasts have a special place in their hearts for libraries. There is something about libraries that draws people in, whether it is the perfume of endless rows of books, the excitement of finding new writers, or the nostalgia of going back to old favourites. Having a personal library is a dream come true for those who read voraciously. Not only do many people enjoy reading, but they also enjoy collecting books. A recent image of an American couple's home library went viral online and astounded users with its remarkable collection of almost 32,000 books.

American writer and archaeologist Kathleen O'Neal Gear posted the image on social media. It displays her well-kept personal library, replete with orderly book stacks. She said the following in the post's caption: "About 32,000 volumes make up our personal library. I assume that others purchased automobiles and boats..." On the microblogging platform, the message received 44,500 likes and nearly two million views in a short period of time. Around 3,000 users also reshared it.

The incredible collection was praised by many users, one of whom said, "I am both proud and humbled by this!" Wow, now THAT is a personal library, said another user. Some individuals also contributed their own book collections and personal libraries. One commenter joked: "Yes, I have around the same amount. with my Kindle. And I can carry it almost everywhere while still having room for all of my belongings."

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