People and society as a whole are affected by social media in both positive and negative ways. It may, however, be a boon if utilised correctly. The entire point of social media is to bring people together across societies, borders, countries, and continents. It keeps us informed about what's going on in the world and allows us to communicate with friends and family.

Here is how a girl that went missing from florida who had been kidnapped 14 years ago was finally reunited with her mother on Monday. Angelica Vences-Salgado, Jacqueline Hernandez's mother, contacted her on facebook early this month. Hernandez said she was her long-lost daughter and that she was presently residing in Mexico.

Hernandez, then six years old, was reportedly kidnapped from her home in Clermont, florida, by her father Pablo Hernandez on december 22, 2007. Vences-Salgado says she was approached by a lady who claimed to be her long-lost daughter on september 2, 2021. She informed the cops that the lady had requested her to meet her on september 10, 2021, at the US border crossing in Laredo, Texas. police devised a strategy to 'intercept' the encounter and confirm the girl's identity. Various agencies were activated, and police were able to get several papers given by these authorities within hours. These records established that the girl's allegations were correct and that the lady from mexico was, in fact, the lost daughter of Vences-Salgado.

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