What kind of dogs are these from which it is being claimed to spread corona?
What are Raccoon Dogs: A special type of dog is in discussion because researchers believe that the corona virus may have spread because of them.

A new study has come out on the corona virus. Earlier it was being said about China's wuhan market that the corona virus spread due to bats here. Now it has been said in the new study that the corona virus was found in raccoon dogs. It has been said in the study that genetic material of raccoon dogs has been found in the samples taken from the wuhan market. On the basis of this, it is being said that the corona virus spread in humans only through these dogs.These dogs look very ferocious as well because their appearance is like that of a wolf and a fox. Actually, these dogs were being sold in wuhan market of China. Let us tell you that these raccoon dogs are found in Eastern Siberia, china, Korea, vietnam and Japan. In the last few decades, these dogs have also reached the countries of Europe.
These dogs are on hibernate mode for a long time, that is, they keep sleeping for a long time. These dogs form a relationship with only one female. Their fur and meat are sold and very good prices are also available. It has not yet been confirmed that the corona spread due to these dogs, but researchers believe that they were definitely involved somewhere in the chain of infection.
These dogs, which look like foxes and wolves, belong to the Canid family. In winter they are in hibernate mode. That is, they hunt once and then take a long sleep. These dogs are also called Tanuki in china, Korea and Japan. They are generally found in good numbers in these countries. Now gradually their number is increasing in european countries as well.
The demand for meat and fur of these dogs is very high in China. In the year 2014, china produced 14 million raccoon dogs. However, looking at the nature of these dogs, it is advised that common people should not keep them in their homes as they can be very dangerous and can also harm people. Apart from this, they can also spread many diseases.

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