1,60,000 burned alive..!? Human bones everywhere..?

Poveglia Island Mystery: There are many mysterious places in the world. Many are very dangerous. Some places are so dangerous that even governments advise against going there. Thus there is a place in the world where human bones can be found wherever one sets foot. It is said that 1 lakh 60 thousand people were burnt alive here.
Ban imposed by Govt:

It is said about the island of Poveglia in italy that one who goes there is certain to die and one who goes there never comes back. Some people are interested in visiting haunted places in the world and seeing the cost. It is because of the overwhelming curiosity to know what is going on. But, similarly, no one dares to visit this island. Some of those who have gone either have not returned or those who have come say that the island is now cursed and should not go at all and that the great thing is that he escaped. people claim to hear strange voices here. The Italian government also does not guarantee the people who go here. It just advises avoiding going there.
Located between Venice and Lido, italy, this island is also known as the gulf of Venice. The island is spread over an area of about 17 acres. It is said that half of the land here is made up of human remains. When the plague broke out in italy, the Italian government brought 160,000 victims to the island and burned them alive. Apart from this, people who died of black fever were also buried on this island.Strange sounds coming from the island:

There was also a hospital on this mysterious island. But that too was soon closed. After this, in 1960, a rich man bought the island. But his family died due to some accidents. He also committed suicide. Since then, the island is considered cursed.

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