Nawazuddin's ex-wife Aaliya found second love, shared photo with BF after 3 months of divorce
Recently, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's ex-wife Aaliya shared a picture of her 'new love' three months after their divorce, saying that she has moved on in life.
Bollywood actor nawazuddin siddiqui and his ex-wife Aaliya Siddiqui got divorced in march 2023 after a long dispute. However, just three months after the divorce, Aaliya has found her second love. Recently, alia shared a picture of her boyfriend announcing that she has moved on in life.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's ex-wife Aaliya falls in love again
Alia posted a picture with her 'new love' on her instagram handle. In the photo, alia can be seen having coffee with the man of her dreams. alia looked very beautiful in a black sleeveless T-shirt. She complemented her look with subtle makeup, soft pink lips and hair tied back. On the other hand, her boyfriend was seen twinning in a black T-shirt.
Along with the photo, alia wrote how it took her 19 years to come out of a relationship she valued the most. He also said that his children are his top priority. Along with this, while talking about their relationship, he said that he is above friendship.
He wrote, "It has taken me more than 19 years to come out of the relationship that I cherished, but my priority in life is my children, who always were and will be. However, there are some relationships that Friendship is bigger and beyond and this relationship is also the same relationship. I am very happy with it. That's why I shared my happiness with all of you. Don't I have the right to be happy?"

Alia Siddiqui talks about her new relationship
Alia also talked about her new relationship in one of her interviews with 'The Times Of India' and shared that she has moved on in her life. She said that she shares more than just friendship with her 'mystery man'. Aaliya told that her love is from italy and they met in Dubai. Aaliya says that her boyfriend is very caring and loving.

When Nawazuddin and Aaliya had a dispute over property
In early 2023, Nawazuddin and his mother had a property dispute with Aaliya. The actor and his mother had filed a complaint against alia for 'trespassing'. After this, alia accused the actor and his mother of harassment. He had also shared a video on social media and revealed that he is only allowed to use the hall in the house after coming from Dubai.

Alia had told that she and her children are using the guest washroom. They are being denied food and cameras and security guards are also keeping an eye on them

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