The name of poonam pandey is not unknown to those who follow social media in India. She gained more popularity through social media than through these movies. It is difficult to say what kind of movies poonam pandey has done, but many people can tell you how many followers she has on social media. This lady previously made a hot offer saying that if Team india wins the World Cup, she will appear nude.

Then this beauty who came into the news often stays in the news with some issue. Meanwhile, this beauty filed a case saying that her boyfriend was torturing her, later she withdrew the case. And she married the one she filed a case against. Now settled in a foreign country with her husband, this cute grandmother has huge fans for her hot videos and photos. poonam pandey videos are abundant on every adult sites online.

In a way, poonam pandey has now increased her image as an indian porn star. In a way, this is her special identity. And on instagram, this lady regularly shares hot bikini photos and increases the hit of boys. Meanwhile, the beauty recently posed for photos in a hot bikini.

Dressed in a bikini wrapped in nylon cloth up to her waist, this woman enjoys nature. At the same time, she gives happiness to fans on instagram with her beauty. These photos are now going viral on social media. In any case, it must be said that Poonam Pandey's fame, which did not come through films, came through social media.

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