Singer Suchitra's controversial speech.. Actress trisha responds!

While singer Suchitra has made controversial comments about actress trisha, actress trisha has indirectly responded to singer Suchitra. What is the reason for the actress-singer clash?

Identified as a radio jockey (RJ), Suchitra has made a mark not only in Tamil but also in Malayalam and telugu films with her unique singing voice. In addition, he has also dubbed leading actresses in tamil cinema like Tamannaah, Malavika, Shreya, and Lakshmi Roy and gave life to their characters.

At the height of her fame, actor Dhanush got married to actor karthik Kumar, who became famous for his film Yardi Nee Mohini. The gap between the two has widened within two years of their marriage. Both karthik kumar and Suchitra ended their marriage in 2018 due to disagreements.

After that, both of them traveled in different directions. karthik kumar married actress amrutha Srinivasan for the second time in 2021. Meanwhile, Suchitra, who avoided appearing on stage, sparked a huge controversy when she spoke in a recent interview.

In it, she had severely criticized her ex-husband Karthik Kumar. Also, without stopping, the leading actor of tamil cinema had talked about the character of the actresses and had stirred up many people.

Singer Suchitra's recent interview on a YouTube channel to talk about actor Vijay and actress trisha sparked controversy again. To wish actor Vijay on his birthday, actress trisha shared a photo with Vijay on her social media page.

This has led to many doubts and controversies on social media. Noticing this, actor Vijay indirectly retaliated at the recently-concluded education Awards ceremony by saying not to believe everything on social media.

In this case, singer Suchitra accused trisha of posting this photo to show that Vijay belongs to her. singer Suchitra once again created a controversy by saying that I like actor Vijay very much, he is good and that he should break up with actress Trisha.

Trisha has now responded to Suchitra's speech. 'If you want to avoid something, don't care about what other people think about you', actress trisha has hinted back to Suchitra. According to her fansactress trisha expressed her opinion on the X site without using Suchitra's name.

The actress Trisha-singer Suchitra affair has again become a topic of conversation among fans.

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